Formed in 1975, the Lancaster PA Chapter of the Military Officers Association
of America (MOAA) is a large MOAA Chapter in Pennsylvania (about 300 members). Our Chapter is a non-profit organization which serves to further the following aims and objectives:

encourage and facilitate camaraderie among retired, active, and former officers
of the uniformed services.
  ● provide useful services for and protect the interests of members, their dependents,
and survivors.
  ● provide assistance to military and community projects.
  ● support and promote the aims and objectives of MOAA National.

Chapter members and their spouses enjoy attending two dinner meetings, two luncheon  meetings, a late summer picnic and an early December Christmas dinner meeting each year.

Our next chapter event will be our 1 PM Christmas luncheon on Sunday , December 3, 2017, at Lehr Dining Room in Gordinier Hall in Millersville. Our Nov newsletter will have specific information on this luncheon meeting. Deadline for reservations is November 23rd.